4 Reasons to Feel Safe Submitting an Electronic Medical Claim

For a long time, both patients and practices have been required to manage filing health claims. Up to recently, asserts were filed by hand, with HCFA 1500 forms. An electric medical claim makes it possible for the entry process to happen on the web.

The medical claim is not anything new, however it’s probably a somewhat unsettling notion to a lot of patients and practices due of just one question that always surfaces in the heads of both parties: Why Is filing a digital health claim safe?


Addressing the dilemma of safety , it’s clear the hesitancy to submit medical claims . To start with, the net remains a relatively new tool that many Americans continue to be getting the hang of, specially while the generations move back farther.


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Be confident, submitting an email claim is not secure. With the progress of internet technology comes the progress on internet security. The electronic billing applications empowers straight back ups in addition to security clearance therefore that only licensed audiences have use of electronic medical maintain records.


The servers utilize HIPAA compliant applications with each maintain, promising additional security and responsiveness through the duration of the maintain cycle. Along with maintaining HIPAA compliance, the electronic health care claim applications complies with HCFA 1500 tips. Every thing sent across the web meets precisely the exact same compliance standards whilst the manual assert platform.


Besides compliance and security, I must incorporate that electronic health care claim applications can feature simplicity in its own processing of all claims. Too frequently a clinic has to fight to find the modem strategy to operate at the conclusion of your afternoon. Additionally they need to take on countless different clinics filing the end-of-the-day claims over their modems.

The electronic healthcare maintain system permits techniques to simply register to an online accounts, prepare, and submit asserts, employing a secure and compliant platform.


Still another concern that’s shared with patients and practices alike would be that the slow response of asserts. Reimbursements and asserts typically possess a slow change period, and both parties have a tendency to need to attend to see these submitted.

From the medical claim system EOB computing is now automatic. There’s not any more any requirement to wait for the EOB to reach in the email. Truth increases and wait for period declines with the electronic remittance.

In a bid to supply a kind of”preventative medicine” for clinical clinics, clinics may possibly consider an even far more reactive, easier, and much more secure, nonetheless compliant process of filing medical claims. The medical claim applications has shown its efficacy among many clinics and will undoubtedly create an even far more efficient maintain entry system for the workplace.

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