Behind the Surface of Soccer Genius

Even though I can’t believe I’m a football fan, it seems impossible to run away from World Cup fever. Especially after the ‘head-butting’ episode involving Zinedine Zidane, who dominated the page. Someone who is similar to me, who is not very interested in football, is interested in the storyline that is played after the final.

The dominant question in many people’s minds seems to be: Why does a famous and talented footballer destroy his curtain phone and retire from the world stage in one of the most prestigious prestigious functions in history, with a shameful reddish card for a head-butt? Of course you don’t mind what Zidane believes – that the questions most asked by sports fans, followers, and non-fans are: What made him appear บ้านผลบอล?

Therefore, let’s look at the AKA Destiny Code of Zinedine Zidane’s talisman, to see if we can find out why he watched Crimson on Final Day.

Exactly what someone is reluctant to say about him, can always be obtained from his Destiny Code. BaZi someone tells us maybe not only about who we understand, but who he really is. Even the Heavenly Stem, which forms the upper half of a person’s future Code, represents a fast, clear face character that we consider to be an individual, once we meet him. But to really know what resembles an individual, we must dig beyond the top. So, let’s look at Zidane’s Destiny Code.

BaZi Zidane revealed a formation known as Shang Guan Qi Sha or the Hurting Officer controlling two Murder Development. This is truly a creation that is found on average by extraordinary martial artists (Bruce Lee’s graphs are like having comparable creations) and also people who have extraordinary physical abilities. Because there may not be many martial artists now, this creation is most often applied in the context of sports, because sports betting is an actual art form. It is this structure that gives Zidane a magical touch with all football. The graph shows two different types of Fire Lines, indicating he can hit the ball well with both his left and right legs. Because His Day Teacher was seated on a Seven Murder celebrity, this shows a fast spring, charm, besides the presence of a great ‘killer instinct’ – hence, his trendy and calm attitude when firing a penalty! In addition, this shows that he has solid leadership qualities.

The sturdy Hurting Officer, represented by the Bing component or even the Yang fireplace, usually marks the man as anyone who wants to be controlled and impulsive. Therefore, this shows a problem when playing in team-based sports such as soccer and the problem for the coach in holding him back. People with strong Disease Officers will also be very individualistic, and have strong performance skills. From BaZi’s research, “Bing’s fireplace can be your fire in this sunshine, and bring qualities such as elegance, fire, strength, genius, and generosity, all of which characterize all of Zidane’s drama designs – little touches , and the acrobatic ball acrobatics that captivated him, made him attractive, and also his ability not only to score targets, but to help the target.

If someone has Bing Fire as a Hurt Acting celebrity, the man or woman is angry and impulsive. Furthermore, star Hurid Officer Zidane sits on Yang Ren or even Goat Blade, so this is a star Hurting Officer who is very strong, sexy and easily changed. Therefore he was sent 14 times in his life, for example to step on players during World Cup matches, also at other events for head-butting, while playing because of his team, Juventus. He also maintains a dubious record as one of four players who have actually been sent in the closing of the World Cup in their World Cup history.

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